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Tour Terms & Conditions

  1. Bucovina Day Tours is an internet website that allows visitors to reserve day tours and experiences.
  2. These terms and conditions apply to services booked through the website Bucovina Day Tours.
  3. Bucovina Day Tours will be unable to handle complex requests (for example, requests for specific rooming arrangements in hotel reservations, rent a car, etc.), and will request that the customer contacts the Provider directly. Bucovina Day Tours will do its best to assist in these cases and provide contact details to the customer.
  4. Any complaints or claims regarding the service received during the reservation or booking process should be addressed to Provider directly via the contact form on their website.
  5. Any complaints or claims regarding the service received from the Provider (effectively meaning anything other than the reservation process) should be addressed to the end Operator whose contact detail is provided along with confirmation after booking.
  6. Date or time of departure, pickup, or drop off, or the content of a tour itinerary, are subject to change or cancellation should unforeseen circumstances occur, at the discretion of the tour operator changes to the itinerary. The customer will be updated as early as possible in case of changes. It is recommended that all customers check their email at 10 pm on the day before travel as updates might be provided.
  7. Tourists on group tours are obliged to stay with the tour at all times. Separation from the group can result in being left behind and in cases where the leader is unable to find the tourists, ‘rescue fee’ will be at the customer’s expense.
  8. Tours are conducted in various sizes of tourism vans and vehicles and no guarantees can be made as to the model of vehicle used. All vehicles will comply with local regulations.
  9. Daily tours are not suitable for children under the age of 3.
  10. Rates do not include the client’s meals, food, beverages, entrance fees, accommodation, or any other services unless they are specified in the program advertised.
  11. A 5% student discount is available on some tours. In order to receive this discount, the customer must bring a student discount card with them on the day of travel where it will be inspected by the tour guide of the Bucovina Day Tours. Should no valid id be provided, the customer will be required to pay the difference between the discounted student price, and full adult price. Student discount is not cumulative with other discounts. A reduction is granted to children ages 4-12 on certain tours.
  12. Special needs such as wheelchairs, baby chairs, carriages, or special dietary requirements require advanced notification and are on a request basis. Bucovina Day Tour will do their best to ensure their delivery, these services often require coordination with a third-party and I cannot be held responsible in cases of lack of delivery or quality.
  13. All daily tours are conducted in English with German, Italian by advance request.
  14. Bucovina Day Tour accepts no liability for direct or consequential loss of personal belongings and recommends that valuable belongings be left at home. This site cannot be held responsible for injury, loss or damage due to force majeure. We recommend for personal health and damage insurance cover to be taken out by each traveler.
  15. Bucovina Day Tour may at their own discretion require a person to withdraw from any tour if their conduct is deemed to be offensive or to cause annoyance to other passengers, or the person is not able to keep silence with the guide of the group to the detriment of the experience of other members. We shall have no further liability for the carriage of such a traveler nor should the traveler be eligible for any refund or compensation.
  16. Bucovina Day Tour when collaborating with Travel Agency as Operator, reserves the right to implement alternate locations or make other significant changes to the itinerary, including cancellation, due to force majeure, weather conditions, operational considerations, or imposed security limitations. In these cases, there will be no entitlement to compensation. Specifically, in the case of bad weather (such as flooding) where access to a site is not possible, the Operator will decide on an alternative program according to what is safe and possible. The Operator will attempt to refund the customer the cost of any entrance tickets which were unused (according to the nature of the ticket and possibility in obtaining a refund from the site) but there will be no refund of the tour itself.
  17. The Operator will, in case of changes, delay or cancellation in service provided by third parties such as airlines, border agencies, government bodies, or others, attempt to provide solutions to ensure the minimal impact to the schedule, experience, and cost.
  18. Passengers must arrive to start point on-time and understand that in group tours, delays to pick up might occur due to traffic or other conditions. During the tour, drivers will not wait more than 15 minutes for late passengers. Any passenger who is not on time for the pickup or at other points during the tour duration, will not be liable to claim compensation should the tour proceed without them.
  19. During the tour, the driver or the tour guide might take pictures for marketing purposes. If passengers do not agree with this, please inform a representative of the Bucovina Day Tours at the time.


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