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     The beauty of Romania lies especially in its nature, its history and the authenticity of its people. No matter how wonderful a country is, the people will always make a difference. Romanians are famous for their hospitality and friendliness. You’ll find people speaking English in any corner of the country.

     When you came to Romania you must start your visit with the capital, Bucharest. There’s also Transylvania with Maramures and the Carpathian Mountains, Bucovina, or the Black Sea and Danube Delta. Visiting Romania is a joyful adventure. Possibilities are endless!

   The northeastern part of the country is home to one of the most picturesque places of Romania. The churches and monasteries from Bucovina carry “outstanding universal value”, as UNESCO asserts. They are absolutely unique and very well preserved. The high-quality exterior and interior frescoes highlight biblical scenes from the New and Old Testament.

     Near Bucovina, also in the North, Maramures is the land of wooden churches, well-kept traditions, splendid natural landscapes and kind people. Is the place where you’ll discover Merry Cemetery, a unique graveyard in the world and Barsana Monastical Complex. The rural lifestyle prevails in these areas of the country, still rich in customs and folklore.

    Transilvania reveals other many attractions for tourists such as Peles Castle, Sighisoara, Turda Salt Mine and many more. Another major destination is Danube Delta. It is another mark of natural beauty, being vast protected land, great for birdwatching, fishing, boating, and trekking.

Reason to visit

An important reason to visit Romania is its cultural diversity. There are several other ethnicities in Romania which form 1.3% of entire Romania’s population. Citizens from the EU countries do not require a visa when entering Romania. If you’re not from the EU countries, you can get a visa on arrival at the airport.

   Romanians love food. Anywhere you’d go to Romania, you’ll find friendly faces happy to serve you some homemade food. Cafes and restaurants can be more expensive near famous tourist sites, but they are still affordable. On the same note, admission fees for castles or museums are very reasonable and so is public transportation.

   If you plan to visit this gorgeous country with incredible landscapes and history, then you absolutely must come! When planning your next escape just remember one single thing: that sometimes, finding the charm where you didn’t first expect can be the most rewarding experience of all.          

I'm a local guide & DIY Holiday Consultant

     You came in the right place to receive advice from me and I can provide you with accommodation, transportation and an itinerary to visit the most impressive places in Romania.

     I send you my suggestion and we’ll discuss it. I am passionate about travel, and always excited to share the fun and wonder with travelers who are looking for that once-in-a-lifetime experience.

     Visitors come from all over the world to experience Bucovina’s majestic beauty. Bucovina is a “Bucket List” must do! Come and join a Tour with Day Tours Bucovina and experience an adventure.

        Bucovina is one of the most exquisitely photographed attractions in the North of Romania.


When is the best time to visit Bucovina?

If you are ready to come here, you must consider that you’ll find something to do all year, depends on your motivation. In Spring you will be a witness of nature reborn, a pure paradise for passionate birdwatchers in the Danube delta. If you like summer and you are a mountaineer you can hike Carpathians Mountains or you can swim at Black See.
In autumn you’ll see the beautiful color of the forest, wine season and many festivals. Winter is perfect for skiing and snowboarding and a chance to take part in the traditional Christmas party at Bucovina or Maramures region.

What kinds of trips are offered?

Because my home is located in Suceava, the capital of Bucovina, my offer is based on day trips, especially to the Painted Monasteries. Depending on the requirements of the tourists, I help you to organize trips for several days, combining the objectives from the counties of Iasi – Neamt – Maramures or to another region of Romania.

Do you take children on your trips?

All trips from Bucovina Day Tours can accommodate young children who are accompanied and supervised by a legal guardian and who can handle the requirements of the trip. Is better to announce us if they suffer by car sick.

Are there any extra fees that I will have to pay?

You must check Tour details to see what is included and what is not. No, we do not charge any extra fees or fuel surcharges.

How much does it cost to do a private tour ?

If you want to travel alone without other tourists, please contact me to get the latest information on your desired trip. Sometimes I can offer shared tours. If it is ok with you, you can participate.

What kind of food do you can eat?

Romanians love food. They prepare a variety of meals included a vegetarian menu with very tasty components. You will come across chicken, beef, pork, and fish in Romanian cuisine. Romanian cuisine has kept its traditional taste. Even for a raw vegan, we’ll find a menu.

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